Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grocery List Religion

I’ve got to stop writing these blogs….God makes me eat my words. I hate it when He does that!
What I would like to have is a grocery list religion. I’ll make out my list, clip my coupons, and then go to the store to stock up on the things we’ll need till the next paycheck. I’ll take some peace, definitely some patience, my kids are requesting a little gentleness and kindness lately, oh and I should probably have some joy, and while I’m at it I should probably throw some self-control in the cart too. When I go to pay, the checker tells me the cost and I decide to use my credit card and promise to pay later. Feeling very accomplished I happily take all my ‘groceries’ home and fill up my cabinets. The problem presents itself a few days later when something unexpected happens and I am all of a sudden in crisis mode and realize I didn’t stock up on any love or hope or perseverance. Dang-it there was no way to know THAT was gonna happen! UGH! The time finally comes when I have to pay my bill.

Walking in the abundant life does come at a price…am I willing to pay it? How much is it worth to me? Am I willing to sacrifice my time, my energy, my will for God’s blessing on my life? God has already paid my ransom to give me eternal life…am I willing to crucify myself daily and carry my cross to follow him in the details of daily living? Will I follow him no matter where he leads and trust that the price I pay is worth the dividends?

Every time I choose Him over the television or the computer, or the pile of dishes in the sink or the unfolded laundry, I am crucifying the human nature in me that is at its root, selfish. I am depositing into my account (so to speak). Then when the next crisis hits, and it will, I am better prepared. I have the resources that I need to keep going. I have the self control to hold my tongue, the perseverance to withstand the doubt that creeps in, the truth in me to resist the lies that bombard me, the peace that keeps me from being tossed by the winds of circumstances, and kindness in spite difficult people. Isn’t that worth sacrificing Facebook, and an empty kitchen sink? Lord, help me remember that you want me to do more than “just get by”.

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